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U.S. Special Delivery

  • Cuba Special Delivery E1 covers or specimens
  • Guam Special Delivery E1 covers or specimens
  • Philippines Special Delivery E1 covers or specimens

U.S. Postal Issues

  • U.S. Scott 536 (perf 12.5) usages on cover or post card
    (Plate #s 9985 Right and Bottom plates of six or plate singles, 9993 Top plate block of six, 10001 Left and Bottom plates of six)
  • U.S. Scott 628, full White Plains Souvenir Sheet on commercial, non-gov. or FDC cover

U.S. Airmail Issues

  • U.S. Scott C24 unusual destinations, rates and route covers
  • U.S. Scott C38 postal uses
  • U.S. Scott CE2 blocks
    Type IA: 91/500, 91/501, 91/502a, IB, F91/500, 1C, 93/500, 93/501, 93/502
    Type II - Red Thick - Blue Thin: 91/501, F91/96, 92/99, 92/502, F92/98, 93/501, F93/95, F93/97, F93/98, 94/502, F94/95, F94/97
    Type III - Blue Dots: F91/F95, F91/F99
    Type IV SCOOP (Partial printing of word 'Top', most of them.)

U.S. Postal Stationery

  • 5c Taylor Stationery Scott U172-180 postally used
    (Located 5 Taylor U172 mid-December 1875 - an earlier ones?)

    We wish to hear from other collectors of 1875 Taylor and 1882 Garfield postal stationery.

Military Postal History

  • WWI Air Corp mail including Fiorelo LaGuardia from Italy


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