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U.S. Special Delivery

This is a real gem of an exhibit.

Our newest item in this area.
U.S. Special Delivery Forerunners (Exhibit Pages .pdf special delivery forerunner pdf file. 3.6mb)
U.S. Special Delivery Issues 1885-1917 (Double-width Title Page)
U.S. E1-5 - 1885-1902 (Title Page .pdf special delivery forerunner pdf file. 300kb) (Synopsis Page .pdf special delivery forerunner pdf file. 40kb)
U.S. E1-5 - 1885-1902
    (Frame 1, Frame 2, Frame 3, Frame 4, Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7, Frame 8)

U.S. Special Delivery Issues 1922-1997 (Title Page .pdf special delivery title pdf file. 132kb)

United States Special Delivery Issue of 1908 (Merry Widow)
Merry Widow Issue (Exhibit Title Page .pdf Title page 48kb)
Merry Widow Issue (Exhibit Synopsis .pdf Synopsis 9kb)
The Truck Issues of 1925 / 1951
Combination Service Issues of 1934 / 1935 (Airmail Special Delivery)
The Bi-color Issue of 1936 (Airmail / Special Delivery)

World Special Delivery

  Colombia Express Service Issue of 1917(Exhibit - .pdf columbia express service issue of 1917. 1.9mb)

U.S. Postal Stationery

 U.S. 7¢ Postal Stationery (Exhibit)
U.S. 12¢ Postal Stationery (Exhibit - .pdf us 12¢ stationery exhibit. 620kb)
U.S. 30¢ Postal Stationery (Exhibit - .pdf us 30¢ stationery exhibit. 2.8mb)
U.S. 90¢ Postal Stationery (Exhibit - .pdf us 90¢ stationery exhibit. 4.8mb)

U.S. Postage Stamps

 U.S. Rosback One Cent Issue of 1919 (Exhibit - .pdf us rosback one cent issue of 1919. 8.7mb)

U.S. Official Stamps

 U.S. Officials 1873-1884 - 1999 CofC Winner (Exhibit Synopsis - .pdf us official synopsis. 88kb)
U.S. Officials Postal History 1873-1884 (Exhibit Synopsis - .pdf us officials postal history synopsis. 84kb)
U.S. Department of Agriculture 1873-1884 (Exhibit Synopsis - .pdf us department of agriculture synopsis. 76kb)
U.S. Un-Officials 1873-1884 Exhibit
U.S. Un-Officials 1873-1884 (Exhibit Synopsis - .pdf us un-officials synopsis. 12kb)
U.S. Un-Officials 1873-1884 (Exhibit Title Page - .pdf us un-officials title page. 6kb)